The stories presented in Who is Jack the Ripper are told in the perspective of the killer, the famous Jack. Using Twine, I was able to present the players with choices of different paths based on their choice of hyperlink, which was embedded in a word. Each word would then lead to a movement or action of the character, and eventually of the unveiling of whom Jack really was. There are four outcomes in total (for now at least) that I have included, each completely different, from slightly realistic to far fetched. My goal in creating this game was to give as many explanations to the question of the killer as possible. Players do not exactly "win" anything, as it is highly text and narrative based. There is no winning answer or even an optimal ending, as each time, the killer still gets away and we come to the reality that six woman were still brutally murdered, and that Jack, to this day, is still unknown. Maybe one day, technology will be so advanced that this case can finally be put to rest.

Published Nov 29, 2016
StatusIn development
GenreRole Playing
Made withTwine